Venture Centre

AUAS Venture Centre

The AUAS Venture Centre is the program to inspire and facilitate AUAS students to work on the future with creative solutions and sustainable innovations; to connect today with tomorrow.

The program was created in 2016 after entrepreneurship had become part of the DNA of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in previous years. The program is characterized by a number of specific principles:

Focus on innovative, sustainable and inclusive

In line with 'creating, tomorrow, together', the AUAS Venture Centrre's motto is: innovative, sustainable and inclusive.

Innovative because we think that we will not save the challenges in today's world with out-of-the-box thinking, but we will have to have a new "box" powered by new technology and business models.

Sustainable because we believe it is important to protect our planet and ensure that poverty, hunger disappears and everyone should be able to lead a dignified life, while at the same time offering opportunities for wealth creation.

Including because entrepreneurship cannot be done alone in isolation and you become stronger by involving others with a different background and opinion. But also because entrepreneurship with innovative ideas should not be possible for just a few.


The HvA Venture Centre is there for students and alumni of all faculties and study programs of the AUAS. Entrepreneurship can be learned and creative solutions and sustainable innovations can arise anywhere. With its great diversity of study backgrounds, the AUAS offers the opportunity to achieve meaningful multidisciplinary collaboration.

Evidence based

Finally, the HvA Venture Centre program was designed with the help of researchers in the field of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship lectorate helps to monitor the programs and safeguards the quality. But the methodologies that are used in many cases also have their basis in research, for example the 24 Steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology developed by MIT professor Bill Aulet forms the red line through the 10K Program.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 20 May 2021