Venture Centre

JuanFra Alvarado Valenzuela

Scientific Director

Scientific Director

JuanFra adds value to the Venture Centre from his expertise from research about entrepreneurship, but also his experience supporting entrepreneurs from ideation to realisation of goals. From his role as Scientific Director, he emphasizes the importance for student-entrepreneurs of learning from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and the focus on value creation towards social and ecological business models.

Within his role, JuanFra contributes in the fine-tuning and development of entrepreneurship education materials to ensure a proper fit with the student projects. He has combined various interests in his work at the AUAS, focusing in research projects about business resilience, diversity and inclusion, and innovation spill overs. With his projects, lectures and support in entrepreneurship education, he is one of few who have worked with all faculties. The current socio-economic transition towards regenerative business models is the current topic to explore in higher education.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 21 March 2024