Venture Centre

Simone Magilse

Community Lead

Community Lead

For the Venture Centre, I am currently engaged in developing and building a close-knit student-entrepreneurship community. I have been involved in creating valuable communities and networks around impact-driven and entrepreneurship themes for many years. With my experience as Project Lead at Campus Amsterdam, and previously as Community Lead at Young Impactmakers - Impact Hub, I have built a large network of various impact ecosystems in the city.

I believe in the power of connection and creating the right conditions and programmes where students can learn, challenge themselves, share knowledge, expand their network and feel at home to further develop themselves both professionally and personally. Clearly identifying the needs of students and entrepreneurs is a first step in this.

I get enthusiastic about designing impact programmes, making strong connections in the broadest sense of the word and finding innovative ways to do this. I can also guide potential (young) entrepreneurs at the Venture Centre who want to develop a community around their product or service.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 21 March 2024