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Call for Team Members

The HvA's 30 most promising student ideas are looking for team members to realize their idea!

Do you have the skills to realize one of these innovative ideas? And will you become their new team member and make a real difference? Every six months we are looking for students who want to join the teams of the 30 most promising ideas of AUAS students.

How does it work?

When the 30 innovative and sustainable ideas are known after the Call for Ideas, you can read a short description on this page about the ideas, the creator and the type of expertise they are still looking for.

Then register before May 20, 2022 via the form on which you describe who you are and can provide a motivation for a maximum of three ideas why they need you to join the team.

Your registration will then be passed on to the creator of the idea and they will contact you for an appointment and maybe you will become a member of the team.

Why participate?

If you, as a student, use your specific expertise to strengthen a team with the aim of realizing an idea, you will learn to collaborate with others, to present, to persevere and to think strategically. These are very important skills that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

In addition:

  • participating and gaining experience in a student team or startup looks very good on your CV.
  • You get to know new people with a different background than yourself, this is very inspiring.
  • You get the chance to make a difference with your skills and to help realize an idea.
  • Who knows, it will result in a startup, will you succeed in making the idea part of a larger organization or will you make a social and sustainable impact with the idea!
  • Maybe your role within the team is input for a thesis, assignment or internship at your study program

Becoming a member of a student team is something you do for the experience and you therefore do not directly become co-owner of the startup and you probably do not receive any money for it. You really do it for the experience, the network and because you believe in the idea.

Signing up

To participate it is important that:

  1. You are a full-time student at the AUAS.
  2. You want to invest in yourself and in the idea for which you are applying
  3. You have or want to make time to make a real contribution.

In any case, put 15 June in your agenda, because if you register for the Call for Team Members you will be invited to the AUAS Startup Day in any case, where you can further expand your network, follow workshops and masterclasses, regardless of whether you are part of a team.

And is there no interesting idea, but are you interested in reinforcing another (existing) student startup or student team? Then sign up for our Team-Up database.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid as a member of a student team?

No, that is not often the case in the beginning. However, student teams often apply for grants to conduct feasibility studies and participate in competitions. If successful, there are opportunities to pay members of the team something for the work they do or have done.

We always advise to draft a team charter in advance.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 5 December 2021