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As a student entrepreneur or student who might want to start an entrepreneurship, do you run into questions? Do you have any questions about the options offered by AUAS for this? Which minor best suits this ambition? Or, for example, about the special entrepreneur scheme, the 10K Pre-Incubator or graduating in your own company. Then you can request a meeting with one of the counselors and coaches of the AUAS Venture Center.

Target audience

The consultation hour is for all students of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and for alumni who have graduated in the past two years. It is for students who are already doing business, but also for students who want to do this or who want to explore this.

Date & Time

If you request an interview with this form, we will contact you as soon as possible. In most cases it is then possible to make an appointment within a few days. An appointment that lasts 30 minutes, in our experience this is long enough to clarify what you can use help with and to explain the various possibilities that the HvA Venture Center has to offer.

Practical information

In the form you can tick what your question is about, this will help us to match you with the right supervisor or coach.

  • I encounter a problem while doing business (e.g. legal or financial)
  • I am looking for coaching or guidance for myself and my startup
  • I am looking for a workplace or business space
  • I want to choose a subject, project, training or minor that suits my company / entrepreneurial ambitions
  • I want advice about graduating in my own company
  • I want information about the special entrepreneur scheme
  • I want to immerse myself in entrepreneurship to see if it is something for me
  • I want to look for an idea to join
  • I got into trouble with my company / entrepreneurial ambitions because of COVID

And of course it is possible to ask questions that are not listed here.


Would you like to request a meeting with the (student) business consultation hour of the AUAS Venture Center? Fill in this form:

Published by  Entrepreneurship 6 December 2021