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Pop-up lab and News Channel

Special circumstances: COVID-19 crisis and internships and graduation positions

If it is not possible for your organization due to the COVID-19 crisis to hire students for a (graduation) internship for an entire semester, we would like to invite you to stay involved in our education in an alternative way. Aviation Academy starts with a News Channel and a Pop-up lab for internship and research.

Pop-up lab: adopt a research question for a semester

Within the Pop-up lab, our teacher-researchers formulate current issues into an internship or graduation research. Together with your organisation, you can bring in an issue or 'adopt' a research project we have created and further develop it in cooperation with the student and teacher team. For example, the issue of how to implement an Augmented Reality system in an MRO environment.

News Channel

With the Aviation Academy News Channel our students will spread news about current developments in aviation and share (new) knowledge. The topics are approached and researched from multiple angles.
The News Channel has started with two students and a teacher-researcher and will be further developed. Are you interested to participate? We are happy to explore the various options with you.

Students apply to Aviation Academy for the Pop-up lab and News channel. Depending on the size of the assignment, students will work on an individual or group basis. In that case, you will not provide the student with an internship, but will be closely involved in a team of students and teacher-researchers. The traditional graduation/internship guidance will be taken care of by our teachers for you. In this way, together we ensure continuity in the training of your future colleague.

Contact us

Are there any topics in your organisation that require further research and fit within one of our (new) formats?
Please contact Susanne Kuil, secretary of the Aviation Academy Internship and Graduation Committee via internshipaviation@hva.nl to explore the possibilities for cooperation in this special time.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 29 July 2020