Cities Including Children

competence profile for professionals in the ECEC field

The project team developed a profile describing competences for (future) professionals in the educational ECEC field. A competence profile is not ‘merely’ a list of competences to be used in educational programs but has a broader scope. What are the necessary professional competences for persons working with young children in a complex urban context? In exchange between the urban planners and policy makers (macro level), the work field and the university colleges (meso level) – and the students participating in the intensive programs, a competence profile was developed for ‘an inclusive pedagogue’ who can create the best environment for the children and their families (micro level).

The competences include knowledge, values and practice (attitude) as well as the conditions/ measures that are needed to develop these competences. The exchange of knowledge and experience between the participating partners, including students and professionals, was crucial and has contributed significantly to the development of this set of competences.

In order to develop the competency profile, besides the extensive literature review, several case studies were brought in by the different Erasmus+ partners and professionals in their work fields. These case studies were further developed as a tool to explore and discuss the diversity in social inclusion during the intensive programs. Also, the case studies will be used as learning exercises during educational activities that are developed as part of output 4: a framework for an educational program.

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Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 21 May 2019