Cities Including Children

films about the inclusive pedagogue at work

The third intellectual output consists of short educational films showing best practices of inclusive work in four of the participating cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen and Ljubljana. These films help to communicate the innovative educational views and competences necessary for working in the field of social inclusion and urban policy. The films offer hands-on instruction and share the expertise in the work field. By looking at the pedagogues working in practice sharing their values and educational approach, students and others have meaningful analytical material for work sessions. Each film is followed by a number of educational questions.

Beside the films from Kindergarten, there are a number of filmed interviews with pedagogues, managers, policy makers and parents which give a wider perspective on the backgrounds of what is seen on the work floor. The interviews can be watched as films and downloaded in English as pdf. The films are produced by Script Factory, NL by film maker Maarten van der Burg, in close cooperation with the partners in the project.

A password is needed to get access to the films and the interviews. You can require a password by mail. Please indicate the purpose of your use of the films and/or interviews.

The procedure for obtaining a password is:

1. Go to
2. Click on MAIL De Hogeschool van Amsterdam
3. Then the window of your mail server appears with the e-mail address
4. You can then request the password

Published by  Centre for Applied Research in Education 28 January 2020