Food and drinks

Each campus has a central meeting place called the ‘Base’ in the centre of the campus, with various food formulas and additional services.

Coffee corners, whether or not offering food, are offered based on demand. Kiosks and vending machines are scattered throughout the buildings and there are coffee carts in the central halls at peak times. Furthermore, food trucks can sometimes be found in outdoor areas.

The different locations per campus and information about local companies (who, what, where) can be found on

In continuous consultation with students and staff, each campus is being adapted to their needs. Both in terms of look and feel and in terms of what is on offer.

As of the starting study year 2023-2024 AUAS quit using desposable cups. Bring your own cup or buy one at the AUAS.

Buy the sustainable AUAS cup here

Don’t have your own cup yet? You can buy a sustainable AUAS cup with a lid for €2 at the following locations.

This cup from Circulware is made of a high-quality and sustainable material.




From 4 September

Kohnstamm building (KSH)

Service Point (00A29), click here for opening hours

From 4 September

Wibaut building (WBH)

Service Point (00A29), click here for opening hours

From 4 September

Dr Meurer building (DMH)

Sports equipment lending desk, 1st floor (next to the Service Point) 9:00 - 16:00

From 4 september

Nicolaes Tulphuis (NTH)

Service point (B1.25)
1st floor central hall
click here for opening hours

You can also buy a reusable cup at AUAS’ restaurants and espresso bars and from our SchoolSupply and drinks vending machines.

Opening hours

The opening hours per location can be found on the Enjoy Today website,

Published by  Facility Services 24 August 2023