Your personal timetable

You can find your personal timetable via mytimetable.hva.nl. Via this site you can access your personal timetable. The content of the timetables is created by the faculties. In case you have questions about this, contact your department.

Easily connect mytimetable.hva.nl to your favourite agenda, for example the agenda of your AUAS-mail (Microsoft Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or the agenda of your mobile phone. This way you can work from one agenda and your students and colleagues will have a better insight in when you are available.

Support page

The timetable site contains a support page with instructions, see AUAS Timetables help.

AUAS Year Planning

In the year planning below you can find the blocks, the mandatory AUAS-wide field days and lesson free periods applicable for all degree programs. For lesson free periods which do not apply AUAS-wide, contact your department.


First block 06-09-2021 t/m 12-11-2021
Second block 15-11-2021 t/m 04-02-2022
No educational activities: Christmas Reces 25-12-2021 t/m 07-01-2022
Third block 07-02-2022 t/m 15-04-2022
Fourth block 18-04-2022 t/m 08-07-2022
No educational activities: Good Friday 15-04-2022
Easter Monday 18-04.2022
King's Day 27-04-2022
No educational activities: May Reces

02-05.2022 t/m 06-05-2022

Ascension Day 26-05.2022
Mandatory day off 27-05.2022
Whit Monday 06-06-2022
Fifth block 11-07-2022 t/m 02-09-2022
Published by  AZ editors FBE 8 November 2021