Competencies AMFI

The programme is based on six competencies that have been determined for AMFI as a whole in conjunction with the industry and which have been delineated for the three profiles.

Solid theoretical basis

  • possesses deep knowledge of and insight into a currentl subject related to the specialisation in the fashion industry.
  • possesses broad knowledge of, and insight into the place of the specialisation in the fashion industry.
  • possesses solid knowledge of and insight into the specialisation.

Research skills

  • Can complete a practical research project with satisfactory results.
  • Collects and analyses and can convey information about a specific series of basic theories, principles and concepts., including specific information about several important currenct subjects.
  • Formulates a probem defenition and research goals.
  • Delinates a target group and demonstrates how the problem definition is related to strategy, organisation and the market.
  • Determinesresearch questions and unravels complex problems into sub-elements of sub-questions.
  • Demonstrates how the problem definition is related to an actual context and has a theoretical basis. Uses a variety of theoretical insights, concepts and perspectives.

Problem solving

  • Recognises and analyses complex problems and forumulates innovative and strategic solutions.
  • Formulates conceptual starting points and considers their sociatical, ethical and aesthetic aspects.

Professional craftmanship

  • Demonstrates and adapts a professional approach.
  • Completes complex tasks.
  • Can translate a convincing and contemporary vision into a product for the fashion industry.

Capability to clearly communication

  • Communicates in a goal-oriented, professional, inspiring and authentic manner.
  • Adapts presentation to target group and context.


  • Develops through self-reflection and assessment of personal (learning) result.
  • Asks for feedback and is open to receiving critique.

Efficient and results-oriented work process

  • Can collaborate with and among different levels within the fashion industry
  • Assumes responsibility for processes and results of their own work and study.