Vision on Education AMFI

AMFI educates students to become future 'leaders' in the fashion world. Our challenging and internationally oriented programme develops your personal talents in a way that allows you to make a focussed choice on where in the fashion chain your future career will take you. The program gives you the capabilities, knowledge and skills to become an inspired and innovative operator in your chosen field.


  • Our education creates a link between creative, technical and commercial thinking – and doing.
  • We teach you how to think independently and conceptually – and follow the creative process.
  • We want to give you a meaningful future role in the fashion world. Therefore we not only teach current vocational practices, but also cover emerging trends and inspirational ideas related to the fashion world of tomorrow.
  • Considering the wide variety of careers available in the fashion world, we want to teach you how to apply – and develop – your personal qualities in different situations.
  • To allow your personal talent to develop, you must make your own choices. However, to work as a fashion professional, you will also need a realistic understanding and knowledge of how the industry actually works. So from the first day, you be will be directly involved in the reality of the fashion chain. As your education continues, you will be put in more situations that require independent decisions – and thereby further develop your individual talents.

Creative Cycle

The course follows the creative cycle – a continuing process to which you will always return. It will be where you recognise and orient your competencies – as you decide, implement, present and evaluate. From the second year, competency organising is added to this mix.

The course is made up of eight semesters. The first basis semester is the same for all students, and focuses on clearly presenting the creative cycle. For each semester, you will make one or more products that are typical of the fashion business – examples: an inspiration book, a business plan or a collection. As you complete these assignments, you will follow the creative cycle.