Webshop AUAS

Due to innovations in the webshop, you can temporarily not order anything from June 24 to August 1 at the latest


Visit webshop-hva.nl for a wide range of merchandse, from hoodies, to T-shirts, water bottles and much more.
Items are available with the HvA or AUAS logo and in various colours.


Physical Education students (ALO in Dutch) can order their compulsory sportswear package in the sportshop . Other AUAS students and employees can also order AUAS branded sportswear as a running shirt or cycling outfit.

University Store

The University Store in the Wibaut building is the place to buy items created by students who’ve launched their own start-ups (Minor Entrepreneurship). Check out the universitystore.nl for more info. Some products from the webshop-hva.nl are also available there and you can also view samples of the hoodies and T-shirts.

Published by  Communication 18 October 2022