New log in procedure

We are introducing a new login procedure in the months of March, April and May. We will be implementing this change one faculty, service or department at a time.

What is the new login procedure?

Once the new procedure is implemented, you will log into all AUAS computers and AUAS systems using your AUAS ID only, without the extension.


Refer to the schedule to see when you will encounter this new login procedure.

Reconfigure your email apps

  • Following the implementation, you will not be able to send or receive new emails on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer or laptop. As a result, you will need to reconfigure your email apps: set your email address as your user name or login name.
  • Need assistance? Read the instructions on how to reconfigure your email apps.
  • Webmail accessed via will continue working as usual, even if you have not yet reconfigured your email apps.

Help desk

During the week that your faculty, service or department is switched to the new procedure, a help desk will be available in case you need any assistance. The desks will be open every day from 08:00 to 15:00.

Configuring WiFi networks and other applications

Should you need to log in (or back in) to a Wi-Fi network or other application following the implementation, you can simply do so as usual. If needed, you can refer to the instructions for this, which can be found in the A-Z list.

Testing rooms and IWO exam halls

Have you begun using the new login procedure? And are you taking an online test in a UvA testing room or one of the IWO exam halls? In that case, you will log in with your AUAS email address.

Published by  ICT Services 21 November 2023