ACE Society

AMSIB Cultural and Excellence Society

To promote Culture and Excellence

ACE Society is the Amsterdam School of International Business' (AMSIB's) study society. After AMSIB decided to merger all International Business studies, the need for one unified study society arose. So, just like the IB curriculum, three of the previous societies decided to merge as well, resulting in ACE Society.

The aim is to serve all the International Business students; the seniors, freshmen, and future IB students. Knowing it can be very difficult to be an International Student in Amsterdam, and knowing the government took away our Stufi, we, ACE Society, intend to make being a student easier for you. For these reasons, we organise events, trips, and activities ranging from museum trips to pub-crawls to trips to European cities.

For those wanting to explore Amsterdam for the first time, we also offer a Buddy system. We try to keep all of this as cheap as possible for the students, therefore we offer loads of membership discounts on all the aforementioned. We really intend to deliver what you expect as a student.

So, reach out if you have any questions! Mail us! We are always happy to provide support or organise something you’d like. You can also check out our Facebook page to see what events we are throwing.

Become a member for only €10 per school year - No obligations! Join us!

Published by  AZ editors FBE 17 March 2021