GradeWork is a digital assessment tool for your assignments.

GradeWork provides:

  • an easy overview of the deadlines of your assignments in GradeWork
  • easy access to the evaluation form of your assignment
  • a handy overview of your submitted assignments in GradeWork

Q: I can’t log in to GradeWork. What should I do?

  1. Check the URL; you should login via
    You have to log in via SURFlogin with your AUAS account.
  2. If you are still unable to log in after step 1, please contact your teacher. Presumably your Gradework account isn’t yet activated.

Q: I can log in, but I don’t see the handin folder of my test. What should I do?

  1. Check that the filters are set correctly.
  2. If you still can’t see the folder, please contact your teacher. Presumably your account needs to be linked to the test.

Q: Not all files are visible in my file overview. How can I see these?
By default, the filter options 'Not yet available' and 'Submit' are checked. To see all the files in your overview, you also have to turn on the other filter options.

For all other questions about GradeWork contact your teacher.

Published by  AZ editors FBE 17 March 2021