Congratulatory Certificate

If you would prefer to use a different name during your graduation ceremony

Dutch law requires that a diploma such as a degree certificate must bear your formal name. However, it may be that you do not identify with this name, for example because you are transgender or non-binary and in your daily life use a different name which you have chosen yourself. It is now possible to also have this different chosen name shown when you receive your degree certificate at your graduation ceremony. You now can opt to receive both the official degree certificate with your formal name and in addition a ‘Congratulatory Certificate’ which bears your own chosen name. Please note that the latter does not replace your official degree certificate because this official diploma is a legal requirement as stated above.

If you would like to use this arrangement, you need to do two things:

  1. Make sure your own chosen name is registered in Studielink. To do this, log in to Studielink, click on 'preferred first name' at the top and change your name to your chosen name.
  2. Let your education office know in time that you would like to use your own chosen name at the award ceremony so you can receive a Congratulation Certificate in addition to your formal degree certificate.