Examination Board AMFI

This board decides on all topics concerning testing and exams. It also handles the appeals.

Your faculty or degree programme's examination board determines, in an objective manner, whether you meet the requirements of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (Dutch: OER) and the exit qualifications for the degree programme.

Contact the examination board with regard to exemptions, special arrangements related to disabilities, additional examination opportunities and the binding study advice (BSA).


Students and lecturers may contact the examination board with regard to:

  • requests concerning the application of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER);
  • questions relating to the binding study advice (BSA);
  • requests for modified forms of assessment (for example in the case of a disability or injury);
  • requests for exemption;
  • requests for a degree certificate;
  • requests for an extra resit of course components (due to circumstances acknowledged by the studentcounsellor);
  • complaints about a test, such as how it was assessed;
  • issues regarding the quality of a test;
  • taking a minor outside the degree programme or AUAS;
  • doing an internship abroad;
  • cum laude applications.

Do you disagree with an examination board decision?

You may lodge an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board (COBEX) if you do not agree with a decision made by the Examination Board or by an examiner or examiners. Appealing against a decision may be done at COBEX via the digital service point: Objections, Appeals and Complaints Office.

When are you exempted?

  • You have passed interim examinations and examinations elsewhere at Bachelor’s or university education level which in terms of content, scope and level correspond to the module or work placement for which you are seeking an exemption.
  • You have gained relevant knowledge, skills or work experience at Bachelor’s/university education level. Check with your degree programme what the possibilities are for having this work experience count as an exemption.

How do you apply for an exemption?

  • Submit a request stating reasons to the examination board, before commencing the study component for which you are requesting the exemption.
  • Include documentary evidence with your request demonstrating that you fulfil the requirements for the study component for which you are requesting an exemption.
  • The examination board ascertains with the aid of the documentary evidence submitted whether you fulfil the requirements for the study component in question.
  • The examination board will inform you of its decision within four weeks of the date on which it received your request.

How is your exemption indicated in SIS?

Exemptions are shown in the summary of results in SIS with the description ‘exemption’.

NB: A partial examination for which you are granted an exemption does not count in the calculation of your final mark for the study component in question.