Examinations and exam resits

You can find all information on examinations and exam resits at AMFI below.

Regular exams (first sitting) for the courses that you have taken for the first time are automatically registered in SIS, the Student Information System.

Lesson hours will be reserved in the class timetables for TBB exams. Around three weeks in advance, we receive confirmation of the reserved exam rooms and the final exam times.

So be sure to check the examination timetable shortly before the exam date for the final exam time and location! The timetable is updated regularly.

Exams are administered both in the AMFI building itself and at other locations outside AMFI. The directions to these locations can be found on the same page as the examination timetable.

You can access the examination timetable via the link below.

Examination timetable

You must present proof of identity at all exams in the form of a student ID card, a valid passport, ID or driving licence. If you do not have such identification with you, you will not be able to sit the exam.

If you arrive late for the exam, you will still be allowed into the exam room or location up to 20 minutes after the exam has begun. Once these 20 minutes have passed, you will be refused entry and will no longer be able to sit the exam, so be sure to arrive on time!

It is not permitted to leave the exam room or location during the first 30 minutes.

Any and all instances of fraud or suspected fraud will be reported to the examination board of the degree programme.

Students must follow the instructions given by the examiner or invigilator at all times.

Formally, your lecturer should have entered your mark in SIS within fifteen working days (three weeks). If your mark has not been entered or has been entered incorrectly, please first contact your lecturer.

If you need to resit a regular exam because you received a failing mark or did not show up to the exam, you should register via SIS for an exam resit (this exam resit is the second sitting).

Always register via SIS to take resits for previous years.

Please note: the registration period for exam resits is stated in SIS; please put the date in your diary! The registration deadlines for all exams can be found in the examination timetable.