Some types of scanners you have to install yourself. Most of the time this will have been done already by another student, but especially when the computers have been cleaned you have to do it yourself. Make sure that you choose the right scanner when installing one. The type is on the lid.

Type HP5200 and HP5300

These don't need not to be installed.

Type HP3500

When the scanner is not installed already, you get a warning that new hardware has been detected at the start up of the computer. Click annuleren (cancel) because the only right way of installing the scanner is through the main menu (the NAL).

After the computer has started up go the the NAL and choose menu “Applicaties P-T”. Double click the HP3500 icon. After the scanner programme has been installed you have to restart the computer and you will see the scanner in for example Photoshop.
Also see the remarks below about the scan quality of the HP 3500.

Type HP5400

Installation is the same as for the HP3500, only choose the HP5400 icon in the NAL instead of the HP3500