Test provisions

If you have ADHD, dyslexia, ASD, a chronic illness or another personal circumstance that affects your ability to concentrate and/or read, you can request extra time (examination time limit extension) for written examinations. This then also applies to examinations that you take (online) on a laptop. If you have a visual impairment, you get 50% more time; in most other cases, you will get 25%. The student counsellor grants this time limit extension on behalf of the examinations board.

You can also request other test facilities from the student counsellor. Examples include taking a written test on a laptop, going to the toilet during a written examination, eating/drinking and taking medication, or using headphones during a written interim examination.

In what for situations can you apply for an examination time limit extension?

You are entitled to extra time if you have difficulty concentrating and/or reading and can demonstrate that this is due to personal circumstances, such as:

  • dyslexia
  • AD(H)D
  • ASD
  • blindness or poor vision
  • a disability that produces concentration difficulties
  • you grew up outside the Netherlands.

Not sure? Talk to your student counsellor.

How do I apply for an examination time limit extension?

If you suffer from dyslexia, you do not need to visit the student counsellor yourself. Instead, you can apply for an examination time limit extension and large-font test forms straight away. You can do this online. Read more at Student Info or apply directly through the Digital Service Point.
In all other circumstances, you can apply for an examination time limit extension through the student counsellor. Make an appointment.

Other facilities?

You may also benefit from other facilities. If you have additional needs, it’s best to contact the student counsellor for your degree programme as soon as possible.
You can discuss with the student counsellor which test facility is appropriate for you. ‘Appropriate’ means that the facility is suitable – that is, it’s of real use to you – and that you really need it because of your personal circumstances. If the facility is appropriate and the student counsellor has verified the evidence of your circumstance, you can then apply for the test facility straight away. Make an appointment.

When will my test facility take effect?

How quickly your application can be processed depends on your degree programme.
If your test facility is granted 2.5 weeks before the start of the examination period, you can use your test facility.

What else do I need to take care of?

  • Bring a printout of the decision granting you your test facility with you to your test.

In closing