Elective credits

Elective credits are an integral part of the Sport Studies - track ISMB programme. Below you can find more information about the elective credits and the request official form.

You need to obtain 8 elective credits during year the second, third and fourth year of the programme through a variety of activities.

  • Following additional courses within the AUAS or other institutions, which is demonstrably in the interest of the development of your future career (e.g. languages, additional subjects).
  • Following courses which are not offered within the Sport Studies programme itself, provided that the course contributes to the development of your future later career (e.g. instructor and trainer courses).
  • Carrying out activities in the service of the Sport Studies programme, which contribute to the formation of your future career (e.g. membership in the introduction committee or arranging and doing professional presentations about Sport Studies at high schools, preferably your old high school).
  • Assisting in the preparation and execution of sporting events (organised by sport federations, sport clubs and/or commercial sport event agencies).
  • Participation in extra project weeks. For this, the consent of your coach is not necessary, the credits are granted immediately after successfully following the project week. Attention: the compulsory project weeks in the second and third year are already covered by credits in the curriculum.

  • The value of the activity must be demonstrated for your future career.
  • One elective credit is awarded for an activity of the equivalent of at least 28 study hours (= 1 credit).
  • The activity can never replace, or happen during the regular teaching of the course.
  • There must be a predetermined learning outcome and competence development.
  • External assistance must be guaranteed and verifiable.
  • There are no elective credits granted for activities done before you started the Sport Studies - track ISMB programme.
  • There are no elective credits granted for activities offered in regular education or for which you already received credits.

  • You consult in advance with your coach, whether the planned activity is eligible for obtaining elective credits.
  • You present the request in writing using the "Elective Credit Form" which you can download at the bottom of this page. If the activity is eligible, your coach grants permission, possibly after consultation with the commission for elective credits.
  • Agreements will be made on your form to provide proof for obtaining the elective credit (including through a diploma or your evaluation).
  • Your coach evaluates your activity based on your supplied evidence and contact with the external supervisor.
  • Your coach gives advice on the allocation of the number of elective credits by the elective credits commission.
  • The final allocation of the number of elective credits in the SIS administration is carried out by the coordinator for elective credits.

Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 11 May 2021