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Made possible by: Het Juridisch Spreekuur

The Legal Consultation Hour (HJS) organizes consultation hours together with the Amsterdam Venture Studios Amstel Campus to assist you with legal questions and problems that you are confronted with.

From April 7, 2021, we will be offering an online walk-in consultation hour every Wednesday * from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM where you can get free legal advice from one of the HJS employees (accessible via Microsoft Teams via the following link: Click here to join the meeting).

* During the academic year (HJS is closed during holiday periods)

To make it as easy as possible for you as an entrepreneur, we have six checks that you can sign up for:


Have you drawn up a contract or concluded an agreement for yourself and / or a third party? Do you want to know if this is valid or if it has been drawn up correctly? Let us check it.


What still has to be legally arranged for when you register your company? When is the right time to do this?


When starting a business, it is very important to conclude a cooperation agreement with your partners. Not only for yourself, but also for future financiers, for example. Have your cooperation agreement checked, get help with drafting it or do you have trouble resolving it? We will advise your next step.


To what extent is your company liable? To what extent are you personally liable? And who has to pay if, for example, there is damage? It is wise to let us assess where possible threats lie. But we can also help check whether your conditions, documents and agreements are as watertight as you think.


The moment you start working on your company, you start collecting data. This is data about yourself, customers, partners and employees and the amount can quickly add up. You will soon have to deal with legislation regarding privacy, which has been under development in recent years. For questions about the GDPR, what you have to take into account and especially a check where the challenges lie for you as an entrepreneur, you can contact HJS.


Do you have or is there a threat of conflict with, for example, a customer, supplier or one of your co-founders? Contact HJS together or alone to discuss possible steps to mitigate serious consequences, find a solution or to protect yourself.

Is your question not listed or can you not wait for the online consultation hour? Ask him via the registration form on our website ( or call the general number of HJS (06 - 211 588 82) and together we will see how we can best help you.

Important: the above checks are there to ensure that we can talk to each other about the content faster. HJS is always the advisor, with ultimate responsibility for you as an entrepreneur.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 6 December 2021