Programme clusters

Areas of expertise at FDMCI

The programmes at the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries are divided into four educational clusters: Fashion; Information and Communication Technology; Media and Communication; and Media Design.


  • AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Two variants: an English and a Dutch-taught Bachelor's programme)

Information and Communication Technology

  • Information & Communication Technology (Dutch-taught Bachelor's programme with five tracks to choose from: Business IT & Management; Game Development; Software Engineering; Cyber Security; and Technical Computer Science)
  • Cyber Security (Dutch-taught Associate degree programme)

  • Software Development (Dutch-taught Associate degree programme)

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence (Dutch-taught Master's programme)

  • Make IT Work (retraining programme for professionals)

Media and Communication

  • Communication (Dutch-taught Bachelor's programme)
  • Creative Business (Dutch-taught Bachelor's programme)
  • Smart Media Production (Dutch-taught Associate degree programme)

Media Design

  • Communication and Multimedia Design (Dutch-taught Bachelor's programme)
  • Master Digital Design (English-taught Master's programme)
  • Master Digital Driven Business (English-taught multidisciplinary Master's programme)

  • Frontend Design & Development (Dutch-taught Associate degree programme)


International exchange is possible within all of the clusters at FDMCI.

More information

Please see our Programme page for links to all of our English-taught programmes, including exchange and courses offered at the Digital Society School.