Media Design

Communication and Multimedia Design

The 4-year bachelor programme Communication and Multimeda Design (fully thaught in Dutch) is part of the area Media Design.

Communication and Multimedia Design is part of a growing international network. Communication and Multimedia Design offers students the opportunity to take a minor in Sweden, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Brazil or do an internship in Thailand, India, Spain, Canada, USA and England.

Master Digital Design

The Master of Science in Digital Design is at the crossroads of practice, research, and technological innovation. Its 1-year full time curriculum combines a rigorous background in design research (“Research through Design”) and real-world projects with industry partners, carried out in a studio setting. More info on

Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design - Martha Lauría Baca, Lecturer

"Good design lets you feel something in your heart"

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Master in Digital Design - Gabriele Ferri, Lecturer

"We’d like to think with our hands"

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