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Study, collaborate and meet: in the libraries it is all possible. See the nearest places to study. With free WiFi!


The Library is happy to provide accommodation. AUAS offers various kinds of study and work spaces: there are project rooms where you can collaborate with others, but there are also quiet work spaces where you can work in silence, using either your own laptop (there is WiFi) or an AUAS PC.

Study Spaces

In all AUAS buildings there are plenty of study and work spaces:

  • In the libraries you can study at the reading tables and in project and computer rooms. In the quiet rooms you can study in silence.
  • Outside the libraries, all AUAS buildings have study and work spaces in the faculties and/or near coffee corners and restaurants.

Of course, there is wireless internet (WiFi) at all study spaces. See the library locations. AUAS students and staff can also make use of all UvA libraries to work and study.


In all AUAS buildings, including the libraries, there are various ways to use WiFi via Eduroam. Read more about installing WiFi on your laptop or phone .

WiFi in UvA libraries

Do you have an AUAS ID? AUAS students and staff with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can use the Eduroam WiFi network within UvA buildings. This does not give full access to the digital library resources, but it does allow you to use the internet. Log in with your AUAS username/password and then indicate the AUAS domain, for example:

  • username: s100
  • passwd: .....
  • domain: hva.nl

If it fails, ask the staff in one of the libraries.

WiFi in the Netherlands and Belgium with Eduroam

As an AUAS student or staff member, you can also use Eduroam in many other educational institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Read more about Eduroam .


There are also facilities for printing, scanning and photocopying. Read more about printing, scanning and copying at AUAS .

Published by  HvA Library 30 June 2020