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All about Searching

Whether you have to write a (policy) paper, recommendation, research report or your thesis, you need reliable information. Watch the video tutorials and have a look at the tips from the Library.

The Library has a large collection of books, ebooks, (digital) journals and databases, specially selected for AUAS. Start your search with a search in the Library catalogue .

  • CataloguePlus provides searching the physical and online collections of the HvA Library.
  • CataloguePlus searches the Catalogue and part of the Databases the library subscribes to.

For more comprehensive searches, use the recommended databases in a particular subject area.

CataloguePlus is accessible without login. A login enables you to request items, check your library account, save records and searches permanently, and get off-campus access to full text publications.

Basic Search

Basic search is a one stop search of the HvA Library collections, physical and online. Find out what the select-items near the search bar mean:

  • All: all publications and materials covered.
  • HvA e-articles+: online articles, e-journals, databases and other online content, including open access publications.
  • HvA books+: books, journals and other physical content, e-books and e-journals in the HvA Library collections.

Use the Advanced search to pre-limit your search to specific fields, material types and publication dates.

UvA locations

AUAS students and staff can use the general access computers in the University Library (Singel 425). From these PCs you have full access to the e-journals, e-books and databases of the UvA libraries. You do not need a library card nor do you have to log in. For legal reasons, access to the digital UvA resources is restricted to UvA PCs.

Where can I get help?

  • Click in CataloguePlus on the questionmark icon for search tips.
  • Click in CataloguePlus on the Help button to get a more comprehensive explanation on how to search.
  • Still need help? Keep calm and ask the Library.

The Library is subscribed to many different external databases. Search for the databases in CataloguePlus for more extensive searches, and then filter by discipline or type.

Are you outside the AUAS? Then read how you can still get access to Databases.

Are you looking for a specific journal or do you want to know what journals there are on a certain subject? Then you can use Journal Search . Then you can browse through the various issues or continue your search within the journal.

Are you outside the AUAS? Then read how you can still get access to Journal Search.

HvA-linker is the link to full text articles that you can access via the AUAS Library. You can find AUAS linker in Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science.

Google Scholar

When searching with Google Scholar, as an AUAS student or employee you not only benefit from the full text deals that Google has with publishers, but also from the electronic journal subscriptions that the Library has concluded for the AUAS.

If a search result contains the indication HvA-linker: Full text, you have direct access to the full digital version via the HvA.

How does it work?

If you work within the AUAS domain, you don't have to do anything extra. Google Scholar recognizes that you belong to AUAS and immediately adds the button AUAS-linker to the search results.

Outside the AUAS, you can set the AUAS as your library yourself:

  1. click on the 3 lines at the top left, and on Settings,
  2. choose left Library links,
  3. enter Amsterdam and click on the magnifying glass,
  4. tick "Hogeschool van Amsterdam" and click Save.

Scopus and Web of Science

In Scopus and Web of Science you will see the AUAS icons on the left in the search results when you work within the AUAS domain.

Click here for home access to the AUAS domain.

Search the Library

In the library you will find a lot of reliable information you can use for your study. Watch in this video how to find (digital) information in an easy way.

Published by  HvA Library 11 July 2022