Secure your smartphone and tablet

  • You are advised to use a passcode, preferably one that is six digits long. A pattern lock is a lot less secure, because it can be easily read by shoulder surfers.
  • Configure the settings on your mobile or tablet to activate the screen lock whenever it is not in use, preferably immediately but in any case within five minutes.
  • Activate the tracking system (under Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone), so that you can track down a missing device, leave a message and delete data remotely.
  • Don't install dodgy apps and don't perform jailbreaks (as the manufacturer will no longer be able to guarantee device security). It goes without saying that jailbreaking AUAS devices is prohibited.
  • Also switch off Bluetooth when you're not using it
  • and don't store any confidential data on your mobile or tablet.
  • In the event of loss or theft of a mobile or tablet containing organisational data, report it to the ICTS Service Desk straight away and also immediately change or block the password for your institutional account (and any other accounts).

Published by  ICT Services 26 July 2017