Additional material

1. Values, rules and regulations

Tea consent

This video was part of a 2015 campaign by the British Thames Valley Police. It features animated stick figures and uses a cup of tea as an analogy for sex.


A short animation concerning consent in sexuality.


In this satirical video (by Tracey Ullman) a parallel is drawn to every accusation that a woman has somehow invited sexual assault upon herself by wearing, say, a short skirt.

Sexual and reproductive rights

This animated movie aims to deconstruct the myths about sexual and reproductive health and rights.

2. Knowledge about sexual development

Sex education in the class, Fry and Laurie

A satirical movie on the subject of sexual education.

3. Sexual identity

A history of LGBT rights

An informative and persuading movie on the history of LGTB rights in the world.


An inspiring (and awardwinning) movie on the theme of "Identity" of youngsters.

Ted-talk on transgenders

Lee Mokobe: A powerful poem about what it feels like to be transgender.

In a heartbeat

An animated and touching movie on LGBT.

4. Harmful Sexual behaviour

Jackson Katz Ted Talk

An inspiring Ted Talk by Jackson Katz in which he talks about violence against women an how it's a man's issue as well as a woman's.

The impact of childhood trauma on sexuality

Dr. Natalia Tapia, assistant professor of Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies, explains the impact of childhood trauma on sexual development and sexuality.

5. Dealing with sexuality with children and young people


A very powerful shortmovie on sexting, developed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (UK).

Dealing with sexuality from a children's rights perspective, Bruno Van Obbergen

Bruno Van Obbergen is the flemish Childrens Rights Commissioner. In this movie he adresses the theme of sexuality/intimacy of children and youngsters from a Universal rights perspective.

Published by  Safe 6 September 2018