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Youtube in online course

Here you find youtube films used in the online course

The impact of childhood trauma

We know that sexual abuse can have profound life-long consequences. To raise awareness about the importance of this subject, Dr. Tapia of Lewis University explains the impact of childhood trauma.

Never Give Up:

A Complex Trauma Film by Youth for Youth developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) specifically for youth.

Safety of young people:

This video shows the outcome of an Australian national investigation about what young people need from care workers to feel safe in residential care

The Genderbread Person:

The video is a conversation between Katie Couric and Sam Killermann about the many forms of gender and its distinct difference from sexual orientation.

After watching the video reflect and discuss:

  • How are we addressing the different concepts: gender identity, gender expression, sexual attraction, romantic attraction and biological sex in our organization?
  • What does this way of addressing sexual identity mean for our professional attitude?
Published by  Safe 27 September 2018