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Burcu Kör is a researcher at the Entrepreneurship Research Group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She studied Computer Technology and Management Information Systems at Boğaziçi University in Turkey and earned her PhD in Management and Organization from Istanbul University. Her doctoral research focused on the individual and contextual factors influencing innovative work behavior.

Her research contributes to understanding and supporting digital transformation processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, her research facilitates the integration of effective teaching of digital skills in entrepreneurship and innovation education.

In her work, she focuses on innovative work behavior, entrepreneurial orientation, and self-leadership. She is also involved in projects that bridge theoretical insights with practical applications in innovation management.

Kör is also a senior lecturer at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and a visiting researcher at the Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology in India. Previously, she was a visiting researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas and the Open University of the Netherlands.


Digital Innovation
Digital Transformation of SME's
Sustainable Digititalization