Amsterdam School of International Business

Increased number of tap water points

27 Sep 2021 08:00

AUAS will stop selling non-carbonated water in single-use packaging as of September 2021. To ensure that employees and students continue to have good access to drinking water, the university has been hard at work increasing the number of free tap water points. Employees and students will also be given the opportunity to donate the returnable deposits on empty PET bottles to charity. Both of these measures are designed to make the AUAS even more sustainable.

Increased number of tap water points

Tap water is a good and sustainable alternative to bottled water. It helps reduce plastic waste, CO2 emissions and the number of vehicles on the road. AUAS has been able to make the decision to stop selling non-carbonated bottled water because of the very high quality of tap water in the Netherlands. It is increasing the number of free tap water points available because it recognises the importance of drinking plenty of water. You will find a number of these tap water points at every AUAS campus.

Returnable deposits on PET bottles

As of 1 July 2021, the price of all drinks in PET bottles will include a 15-cent returnable deposit. Empty PET bottles can be placed in designated donation bins in and around campus restaurants at various AUAS locations. The returnable deposits on these bottles will be donated to Trees for All and the Plastic Soup Foundation. If you do not wish to donate returnable deposits to charity, simply return your empty PET bottles at a supermarket.

The measures outlined above will help make the AUAS more sustainable. If you would like to know what else the AUAS is doing to improve sustainability, see