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AMSIB student finalist in Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

14 Nov 2023 09:23 | Amsterdam School of International Business

The final of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards (AmSIA) will be held on 21 November. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) student Riccardo Bonazza is in the final with the MattSwap concept. He has a chance to win €10,000 in one of three categories: Society, Health and Environment & Climate.

MattSwapp – ‘use your mattress to the fullest’

Many students lack the finances to buy quality mattresses and can have sleeping problems as a result. Yet 1.5 million used mattresses are thrown away yearly even though they are still perfectly usable. MattSwap collects hotel mattresses, which are of good quality but replaced early, in order to minimise waste but at the same time to provide quality and affordable mattresses to consumers on a tight budget such as students and people on low incomes. MattSwap also arranges for the mattresses to be professionally cleaned and refurbished before they are sold.

AmSIA finals

Riccardo (who studies at the Amsterdam School of International Business, AMSIB) will pitch the MattSwap concept live on stage during the final of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards. Come to the festive final on 21 November 2023 15:00 - 18:00 at NEMO Science Museum and cheer him on when he competes with the inventors of eight other potentially game-changing ideas, and boost his chance of winning one of the three prizes of €10,000.

Register for the event on 21 November here.

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