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Alexandra Charles

For our latest life@AMSIB we interviewed Alexandra Charles, a 21-year-old student with a mixed British and Belgian heritage, hails from Brighton, UK, and was born in Switzerland. Currently in her third year of studies, she is pursuing a major in finance. Within the AMSIB community, Alexandra actively contributes in several capacities, notably as the Head of Finance for the ACE society. Her involvement extends to participation in diverse events like the Women in Leadership initiative, aiding with open days, and engaging with first-year students to provide insights on various courses.

I believe the ability to develop and maintain personal and professional connections is the most valuable skill a human can learn!

Alexandra Charles - 3rd year student and Head of Finance for the ACE society

What have been some of your highlights as a student at AMSIB so far?

One highlight has been the course " Co-Creative Entrepreneurship (CCE)". It provided a significant moment of personal growth, challenging me to understand my strengths, weaknesses, teamwork, leadership, communication, and stress management. Additionally, being part of ACE and attending its events has been enriching, allowing me to build lasting friendships and valuable connections.

Among the honors courses you've taken, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite honors course has been "Business Startup Coaching". It stood out due to its practicality, allowing me to work closely with a passionate company. I had the chance for trial and error, encountering challenges and learning immensely. The experience of coaching a team was notably different and enriching, making it my top pick.

In your role as a member of the ACE board, what responsibilities do you have and how do you manage them alongside your academic commitments?

As the Head of Finance at ACE, my primary role involves managing the budget, internal reporting, and seeking external funding. Alongside this, I emphasize effective communication within the team and pass on knowledge from my previous experience in event planning from being on the events committee of ACE last year. Balancing these responsibilities entails prioritizing financial tasks while understanding and supporting the dynamics of the team.

How has being a part of ACE influenced your overall student experience at AMSIB?

ACE has significantly impacted my student experience, emphasizing the importance of networking and forming connections. Engaging with a diverse range of people, from fellow students to faculty and external stakeholders, has provided me with continuous opportunities and enriching experiences, both personally and professionally.

Tell me about your upcoming exchange in Australia. What are you most looking forward to academically and personally?

I'm eagerly waiting for my upcoming exchange in Australia. Academically, I've opted for challenging courses in data science, aiming to step out of my comfort zone and gain new skills. Personally, I'm excited about exploring Australia and engaging in thrilling experiences like skydiving, making the most of this opportunity.

What advice would you offer to first-year students interested in being active at AMSIB? How can they succeed at AMSIB?

I would advise first-year students to proactively put themselves out there, making their presence known and creating valuable connections. Prioritization and organization are key to academic success, and understanding the 'why' behind your actions will keep you motivated. Additionally, surrounding yourself with inspiring people who challenge and push you to grow is crucial for personal and intellectual development, in my opinion.