Amsterdam School of International Business

Anja Reimann


My study programme at AMSIB gave me the tools to be successful in my current position as CEO of a German-Korean joint venture in Seoul. Courses such as Mandarin, Entrepreneurship and Asian Culture, taught in small settings, armed me with valuable skills like forming business plans and creating suitable strategies for the various Asian markets.

I'm convinced that my studies gave me a fantastic basis for starting my career with Asia.

Anja Reimann - AMSIB Alumni

The Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) allowed me to be very flexible with my programme, since they really encourage students to expand their horizons and have an global mindset. During the programme I was able stay longer in Taipei for my language programme, and do my internship at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.

Many of the lessons, particularly those taught by Ms Timmermans, were especially engaging due to the actual approach to learning the material – the method was very practical. In her class, we had to form teams and actually collaborate with a real company in order to find a solution for a problem that it had. Afterwards, we had to present the results to the class or the company. This was also one way that I made a lot of international and Dutch friends. I’m still in contact with them! It’s great to see and hear their stories since we all share the same background: we were all students of the AMSIB.