Amsterdam School of International Business

Anna puts Holland Scholarship to a good use


Anna Khryashchevska, a recently commenced 1st year IBMS student from Ukraine, was among the first group of talented students to receive the Holland Scholarship. Her hard work and motivation were key success factors in helping her to achieve this honour, and this generous scholarship will help to relieve her financially during her studies.

Amsterdam was the clear choice. I was passionate about studying business, and I chose Amsterdam because it is a hub for international business.

Anna Khryashchevska - 1st year IBMS student

As a young girl growing up in Ukraine, Anna always dreamt of studying abroad and discovering the world. She was lucky enough to have received a scholarship to study in a private school in England. Anna’s eyes were opened to the world, to the international perspective, and continuing her journey of cultural discovery was the obvious path for her.

Anna deliberately chose to study at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) because she felt the practical approach to business studies would, in the long run, be more beneficial toward achieving her goals. She’s only a few months in, but Anna already says she is enjoying the broad approach of the study, and she especially appreciates the personal development activities. In fact, she is so motivated to succeed, that she has even seized the opportunity to take extra Dutch and French courses alongside her normal coursework.

Excitement and motivation are Anna’s driving forces as she commences her journey toward becoming a Bachelor in Business Administration, and she’s already set her sights for the future. Next on her list is the Amsterdam Talent Scholarship.