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Bas Kempen's research presented at the United Nations


Former student and recent graduate of the IBMS programme, Bas Kempen was honoured to have the research he conducted on the gender gap in the Nuclear industry presented before a global conference of the United Nations.

Ask yourself if this really adds value to the company

Bas Kempen - Graduate International Business School

During his school-required internship at Thomas Thor, a recruitment agency for the nuclear industry, Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) student Bas Kempen conducted research and produced a report entitled 'What the nuclear industry can learn from other male dominated industries.' Bas’s research strikes a chord on a real issue that is facing the nuclear industry and many other industries: namely, the gender-gap.

Utilising the research skills he acquired during his studies at AMSIB, Bas conducted case studies from other male dominated industries to offer best practice advice to Thomas Thor about reducing this gap. His findings were initially presented at a conference in London held by UK advocacy group, Women in Nuclear. Since then, Bas’s research has been presented to more than 500+ industry stakeholders at the United Nations global conference on the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

Bas’s achievements don’t end there though; his report is also on its way to a publisher in Germany. Meanwhile, Bas continues to work at Thomas Thor until February, when he will begin his Master’s degree in Strategy and Organisation at the VU University in Amsterdam.

Bas’s advice for AMSIB students who are working on their internship or thesis research: 'ask yourself if this really adds value to the company.' According to Bas, helping to resolve a real problem for the organisation was a key factor in his motivation to succeed.