Amsterdam School of International Business

Life@AMSIB with Beatrice Bettarini


My name is Beatrice Bettarini, originally from Italy. I am currently in my 4th year at AMSIB, pursuing International Business. My journey here has been both enlightening and empowering, particularly because of the vast network and exposure to people and experts from diverse backgrounds. This rich tapestry of interactions influenced my decision to intern as an International Project Manager at GL Events Venues and further advocate for diversity and inclusion.

“Being a student ambassador for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at AMSIB has been one of my most cherished roles. It's a platform that allows me to champion the values of equity, representation, and acceptance. It also provides an opportunity to drive meaningful conversations and initiatives that cultivate an inclusive culture within our institution.”

By Oleksandra Ivakhova - AMSIB

Why D&I?

“My primary motivation stems from personal experiences and observations. Having an international background and being a student at AMSIB has exposed me to a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives. I believe that harnessing these diverse voices can lead to more innovative and empathetic solutions. Additionally, after being pushed by my mentor to participate in a networking event, I realized the significance of creating inclusive spaces where every voice is heard and valued.”

What is going well at AMSIB on the D&I front?

“AMSIB has showcased a commendable commitment to D&I, making me proud to be a part of this institution. The school's dedication to celebrating differences and fostering open dialogue is evident. While there's always room for growth, the progress made fills me with optimism for our future.”

What should we be working on?

“As a student ambassador for D&I, my primary goal is to foster an environment where every student feels seen, heard, and valued. I aim to ensure that communication within AMSIB is clear, straightforward, and open. It's vital that students know exactly who to contact in every situation and that their journey here is as seamless as possible. Additionally, I plan to initiate programmes that raise awareness and provide resources for underrepresented groups.

One of the key areas I'd like to work on is ensuring clear, straightforward, and open communication across all levels at AMSIB. It's imperative that every student, faculty member, and staff has access to the right channels, understands the processes, and feels empowered to share their insights or seek assistance whenever needed.”

“Students are the heartbeat of any educational institution. They bring fresh perspectives, challenge the status quo, and drive change. Their active involvement ensures that our D&I discussions and initiatives resonate with the very individuals we aim to support. Additionally, AMSIB's vast network offers students immense exposure to experts from varied fields. It's crucial to leverage this and guide students to build their own networks, ensuring they find the right internships and positions in the future. After all, our diverse community is one of our greatest strengths.”

What message do you have for the AMSIB community about diversity and inclusion?

To the AMSIB community: Embrace our diverse identity. It's the diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives that add vibrancy to our institution. Cherish, celebrate, and lean into this strength. And remember, the importance of building and nurturing networks cannot be overstated. These connections open doors, offer insights, and can significantly shape your journey ahead.