Amsterdam School of International Business

Daniel Breitwieser, IBL-student


Daniel Breitwisser (second left)

Daniel Breitwieser is a talented fourth year International Business and Languages (IBL) student at the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB). Daniel was part of the IBL Study Council, the Student Advisory Board, and he mentor for the school project Co-Creative Entrepreneurship (CCE). The thing he valued the most at AMSIB is that it cultivated his entrepreneurial mind-set. It played a major factor in the global success of Daniel's start-up Fypster.

Discover yourself, find your passion, and figure out how to live it. - Fypster

Student - International Business and Languages

During the CCE project, students learn in real-life what it takes to successfully start and build a company from scratch and how the various elements (tools, competencies, disciplines, teamwork) in business development and management fit together.

CCE along with countless school group projects enhanced his various skills that are needed in his current daily work life. You don’t always get to choose who you work with in business situations, so the practical group projects at the AMSIB allowed him to be critical of himself and improve his team dynamics. The international atmosphere of the school also contributed to his adaptable managing style that he has today.

Fypster: connection, inspiration and advice from entrepreneurial millennials

While studying at AMSIB, Daniel created a successful start-up called Fypster (formerly known as Student Generation). Fypster is a platform where students and graduates can connect, get inspiration and advice from entrepreneurial and adventurous millennials. By joining Fypster the users also get access to a list of free online resources to learn new things as well as exclusive discounts to the best apps and services that allow them to learn new skills and travel the world differently.

The language skills learnt at AMSIB, played a huge factor in the success of Daniel his company. Speaking four languages at the time, (now it is more like six) he was able to communicate and connect with people on a different level in a way that only language commonality enables you to do.

Start-up scene Amsterdam

Amsterdam as city also helped lay the foundation of Daniel his future successes with Fypster. The start-up community in the city is amazing for making connections and growing important networks. Amsterdam its more relaxed, open minded, international atmosphere allows newcomers to enter business communities easier. This is especially true for students.

Have an open mind and strive to continually grow

Daniel encourages current students to get involved and attend any networking events that are available to them since they are a great place to develop skills outside the classroom. His exchange in Paris, as part of the AMSIB programme, proved to be a great networking opportunity which helped to grow his company Fypster.

"Forget what your parents and society have told you about what career success should look like. Get out of your comfort zone, travel, leave your parent’s house and create experiences: good or bad. Failing is a positive thing and the sooner you fail the betters since that is when you learn the most and grow".

Created by Corrine van Vliet (IBL alumna)