Amsterdam School of International Business

Egidio Bundel - Alumnus AMSIB


The writing of my thesis was an extensive process. Dealing with several deadlines and readjusting my paper was often frustrating and challenging, but I am very proud of the final result. One of the main factors that made my thesis writing so successful was the good supervision and guidance from the company for which I wrote my thesis, as well as the fact that I choose a research topic that had my interests and gave me energy to write about.

The writing of my thesis was an extensive process but I am very proud of the final result.

Alumnus - Amsterdam School of International Business

The whole thesis writing process taught me to be determined, to never give up and to stay focused. You need to set your mind to your goal, even if that means that you cannot hang out with your friends or loved ones. This experience has been useful in my current career as it gave me the drive, determination to striving for what I would like to accomplish.

Graduation was a wonderful experience. It felt good to share that moment we worked so hard for, with our loved ones and fellow students. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree felt as if a weight dropped off my shoulders, and at the same time seemed just a minor obstacle that I had to overcome.

Soon after graduation I was selected, with six other graduates (from other applied and research universities) out of over hundred applicants, to commence as a business consultant starter at the international bank ABN AMRO. The starters programme is designed to develop and mentor high potential candidates by offering courses, workshops, and assignments within the business services department of ABN AMRO.

I focus on performing well in the starters programme, but also consider to challenge myself and go for a Master’s degree whilst working.