Amsterdam School of International Business

Erwin van Drongelen, IDEXX


At IDEXX, EMEA Hoofddorp, we have been working with the Amsterdam School of International Business for about five years now. Today 15 out of the 18 interns we have walking around, come from AMSIB. Needless to say it worked out well.

'Working with AMSIB feels like a business partnership’

Erwin van Drongelen - HR Business Partner & Career Coach IDEXX

Students from AMSIB are without exception pro-active, hands-on and equipped with proper skills. Most students run their internship at our Finance department. However departments such as HR, Customer Support, Logistics and Marketing do also welcome AMSIB interns from time to time.


Some of the interns we see here are from the Netherlands, but quite a few are from other countries as well - Europe and Asia especially. They speak proper English, are professional and their school has obviously taught them how to handle cultural diversity. AMSIB students frequently stick around after their internships or even move on to a full contract. From a recruitment perspective, working with AMSIB is a golden move - Finance professionals can be hard to find and this collaboration puts us in the ideal position to scout for talents early.

From time to time we get some high-potentials that quickly move up in their careers.


AMSIB Corporate Relations is fully attentive to our wishes and needs, as well as to those of their students. Also, they’re quite open to suggestions with regard to the curriculum. They also regularly drop by to keep up-to-date with the goings-on: is their student doing okay? Are we happy with him or her as well? On our part, we try to contribute with a seat on their International Advisory Board and by making an appearance at AMSIB talent events. The ‘business’ gene is really present in the school’s DNA. They’re a lot like a company in the way they do business with us: always out for the collaborative win-win.