Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam School of International Business

Student Falco Wienberg back from San Francisco


To me, AMSIB was a game changer. Studying at this institution opened a range of opportunities I never even imagined by the time I made the decision to leave my home country Germany, were I was born and raised.

To me AMSIB was a game changer

Falco Wienberg - 4th year AMSIB student

Maybe one of my favorite characteristics of the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) is its approachability. I got so deeply involved in promoting the school, working in committees to improve education, representing students and work with management on a variety of projects. Lecturers are always open to support individual students, as everyone know everyone due to the small session sizes.

The course work was exceptionally balanced, not slaving oneself to a study desk for any available hour, but giving some room for more. Especially in business I came to realise, real work experience is such a benefit when looking for a real job. Next to my studies, I have always held a part-time job, which as a nice side-benefit also gave me given my goals financial freedom.

No matter what school I could have chosen, being bound to one institution for the entire duration of the study would not given me even close the experience I got from changing frequently. During my 4 years at AMSIB, I have spend one exchange semester in at McGill in Canada, followed a specialisation track for another semester at the University of Amsterdam and spent 5 months in San Francisco as an intern at Double Dutch. This kind of flexibility is only realisable by very little universities.