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Life@AMSIB - Zijian Wang


Life@AMSIB holiday edition over here! We have the pleasure to bring to you a very exclusive interview with one of our favourite teachers. He is an AMSIB alumnus with a spectacular curriculum, you may know him from your IT class or the Modern China honours module, he also placed in the top 3 lecturers of the year 2019, and today is … his birthday! Have you guessed who we are talking about? Mr. Zijian Wang of course. AMSIB wishes you a very happy birthday Mr. Wang!!

The diversity of nationalities and backgrounds. Being surrounded by a multicultural environment just seems right to me.

Zijian Wang - AMSIB alumnus & lecturer

1. Where are you from and how did you end up here at AMSIB?

I attended an international high school in China and I was looking for an international university as well to broaden my future opportunities, after trying out different studies in Beijing and Arnhem, I eventually ended up at AMSIB as a student of International Business and Languages (the old program that now became International Business). The Netherlands offers quality education with a reasonable price tag, and of course the city of Amsterdam brings extra charm to the study experience.

2. We know that you were also part of the International Students Team when you were studying here! How was your extracurricular life as a student?

Yes, I was! The IST was the second extracurricular activity I joined and very much enjoyed, after the Programme Committee (formerly called Student Council), and before the Amsterdam Chinese Student Network. I loved being active at AMSIB when I was a student, the university offers so many opportunities to explore new subjects, deepen your knowledge in something specific, or simply be part of a community and network. I took a lot of honours courses from different studies, some also at the UvA. Nonetheless, guess who graduated on time with 71 extra credits?

3. What did you do after graduating from AMSIB? We hear you are also working at ABN AMRO How do you manage to have multiple jobs?

I have to refer you to my 5000-page-long autobiography… (kidding!) I actually never left AMSIB, and I enjoy every day I am in school, no matter as an IT lecturer, or a PD coach, or just a friendly face. However, I also never stopped imagining the life outside school, which is why I work for ABN AMRO on the side, and also temporarily cover an internationalization role at The Hague UAS. The job at ABN AMRO started as an internship after my master in Information Studies at UvA. It is tiring to have multiple jobs, to say the least, but so rewarding and eye-opening that I certainly would recommend everyone to try out! If you happen to have multiple passions or interest you don’t necessarily have to choose and stick to only one.

4. How has your perception of the school changed from when you were a student to being a teacher now? Better as a student or as a teacher?

I have to say it does not change much, but the understanding might be deepened. It is awesome in the eyes of both roles! Of course, if I was forced to choose, I would probably say teacher. I mean I am the paid one now and don’t have to struggle through assignment and exams!

5. What do you like the most about AMSIB?

The thing I like the most about this university is certainly the diversity of nationalities and backgrounds. Being surrounded by a multicultural environment just seems right to me. Did you know that over 40% of the AMSIB staff has an international background? And all the lecturers have first-hand experience in what they teach either because they worked in the field (and many still are) or because they run their own business.