The aim of physiotherapy is to help people recover from physical discomfort and ailments. If you are interested in helping others and are prepared to work hard, then the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP, bachelor's programme) may be the right choice for you. The European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) offers an intense, three-year Bachelor's degree programme to students from all over the world. Our programme is specially designed for excellent students who wish to complete their studies in a shorter time.

Major-minor structure

All programmes within the AUAS work with the major-minor structure. Of the 240 EC that you need to graduate, you get 210 with the major, the fixed component of your study programme. The minor of 30 credits is the compulsory elective course within your study programme. You can fill the minor space with one or more minors or minor modules.

The Faculty of Health offers two English minors:


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This master aims to further develop your scientific competences and research skills. It offers a vibrant learning community with multi-national and multi-lingual faculty and students who possess a wealth of experiences in education, research and practice.

As a graduate you have the international perspective and
evidence-based approach that will help solve problems in health and social care systems and undertake quality improvement and research projects to enhance practice.

The European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy offers you high quality education at five participating universities. During the first year you travel to attend classes in Eastbourne (England), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Winterthur (Switzerland) and Næstved near Copenhagen (Denmark). Each trip lasts two weeks. The second year will bring you to Stockholm (Sweden) for one week.

Published by  Faculty of Health 2 March 2020