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About this programme

The aim of physiotherapy is to help people recover from physical discomfort and ailments. Are you interested in helping others and prepared to work hard? Then the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP) is the right choice for you. ESP is an intensive 3-year honours programme which leads to a Bachelor’s degree.

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Enrolment deadline: 15 January 2025
Why study at the European School of Physiotherapy?

This programme has a limited number of study places. Therefore, it uses a selection procedure. Enrol no later than 15 January 2025.

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Programme structure

The study programme of the European School of Physiotherapy consists of 3 years with theoretical and practical courses, clinical internships and (research) projects. In each course, the knowledge, skills and/or attitude goals are in line with the patient cases. This way you integrate all aspects into your professional behaviour.

Students about the ESP programme
Year 1

In year 1 you must be able to complete all courses. The main aim of year 1 is to give you a good impression of the programme and the profession. You finalise this year with a clinical internship in the summer.

Year 2

In year 2 you need to complete large research projects in groups and pass theoretical and practical courses that go much more in depth. The 2 internships allow you to put the obtained theory and skills into practice in different settings.

Year 3

In year 3 you need to complete a minor, a professional assignment project (thesis) and your final internship; combined with interesting special courses. It is the grand finale of the ESP programme and this is finalised in an official graduation ceremony.

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Secondary education

To be admitted to ESP you need to have completed secondary education equivalent to Dutch VWO level and have strong written and verbal English skills. This means an English language proficiency of 6.5 score or higher at the IELTS test.

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Study load

40 hours per week

The ESP programme is a very demanding programme. It offers 24 contact hours per week in the first year. In addition to the contact hours, you are expected to spend around 29 hours working on projects, research, assignments or preparing for classes/exams via self-study.

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Tuition fees and expenses

If you meet the statutory criteria you need to pay the statutory tuition fee per year. If you do not meet those criteria, you need to pay the institutional tuition fee. Both rates are specific to ESP students only. Statutory fees: € 3.314, institutional fees: € 10.146.

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Why the European School of Physiotherapy?

  • A programme of excellence: ESP is an official honours programme.
  • Personal and intensive education, which provides high quality education within small groups.
  • An extended family principle; your connection to the ESP family starts before you begin your study and extends long after you are done.
  • International classroom: your classmates will come form all over the world.
  • Amsterdam, one of Europe’s liveliest cities, is the home of this honours programme.
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For whom?

  • You have an international mindset.
  • Your work ethic is open and caring.
  • You have your mind made up and know what you want.
  • With everything you do, you like to get started right away.