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Staying healthy during your studies

Take care! We hear these words all over the place at the moment. But how do you take good care of yourself during your studies? How can you stay in balance and cope with stress about exams? This page tells you how to take good care of your mental health and what help and guidance is available.

Direct contact with the student counsellor

Sometimes you simply get stuck, whether in your personal life or in your studies. Need personal help or advice? Don’t wait too long and contact the student counsellor for a confidential chat. If there aren’t any time slots left, please e-mail us to let us know that you wish to make an appointment. Make sure to include your phone number. The Student Counsellors office will contact you to schedule an appointment.

You can contact the student counsellor for career advice and guidance. This includes study delays and personal problems. However, the counsellor will also give advice on how to deal with issues such as dyslexia, AD(H)D, a chronic illness or psychological problems (such as depression) in relation to your studies.

Published by  Student Affairs 2 February 2021