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Start off strong

Welcome to the AUAS! This page provides all the practical information you need to start the academic year off strong.

Finalise your enrolment.

- Have you already paid your tuition fees and taken all the steps necessary to finalise your enrolment? Check your Enrolment Checklist to see if you missed anything.

- You need to complete all the steps before you can start your degree programme in September.

- Your enrolment is official when you receive a notification of Proof of Enrolment, which will be sent to your email address.

AUAS ID and password

  • AUAS-ID and password

  • After enrolling at AUAS, you will receive a welcome email containing your AUAS-ID (username).
  • With your AUAS-ID and password, you have access to AUAS's ICT facilities.
  • More information about AUAS-ID and password.

Two-step verification

  • Two-step verification is an extra security measure when logging into AUAS systems and apps. A verification code is sent to your mobile device to complete the login process. With two-factor authentication, hackers cannot gain access to your account with just your username and password.

  • You only need to set up two-step verification once. For instructions, go to Two-step verification - Hogeschool van Amsterdam (

Student ID card

You can use your student ID card to:

  • confirm your identity when attending classes and when using study centres at all AUAS locations.
  • to identify yourself at online exams.
    Only if you do not have a student ID card, you can identify yourself with a valid identity card. For online exams, the BSN must not be visible on the screen.
    Please note: for exams on location only an ID card or passport is considered as a valid proof of identity, not a student card!
  • borrow books from the university library or the university of applied sciences library.
  • Check all information about your student ID card and how to apply

Please note: if you don’t live in the Netherlands, your student ID card will not be sent to your home address. It will be ready for you to collect from one of the AUAS service points.

Introduction week International Business

  • Keep these days free in your calendar: Monday 28 August up till and including 1 Friday September. Check the programme here.

AUAS Experience

  • Discover everything AUAS has to offer besides your degree programme during this Introduction. Block 12 October in your calendar because then the AUAS Experience will visit the Corry Tendeloohuis / Business Campus! More information will follow shortly.

Reading list


There are no special requirements regarding the laptop you use for your studies.

ACE Society

  • The AMSIB Culture and Excellence (ACE) society is the student society of the International Business course of the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB).
  • Our goals are to create a community, increase student engagement and to improve the mental health of students. Throughout the academic year we plan on engaging students on our social media accounts with content relating to study tips, comedy, culture course information and much more.
  • We also plan to support students with advice when it comes to their various needs, we do not promise to always have solutions, but we do promise to always listen.
  • In the past academic years, we also organised events to bring students together, such as meet and greets, movie nights, bowling nights, board game night, BBQ’S, Kings day parties and etc. While we currently are unsure of what the future will bring, we will strive to at least have small get togethers for students to get to know each other. Whether it be online or face to face.
  • We very much look forward to meeting all the new students and members and we wish you a very happy year studying.
  • Or check out our Facebook page and Instagram.
  • If you ever want to send us an email, please feel free to email

Course catalogue



Group list

  • IB Full-time (4-year bachelor) students can choose a class in Academy Attendance between August 1 and August 21. Class enrolment is done on a first come, first serve basis. There are limited number of spots available per class based on gender and domestic/foreign diploma to create an equal balance in all the classes. Additional spots may become available when enrolment numbers are high.
    IB Fast-track (3-year bachelor) students are allocated to a class by the coordination team and will receive their class allocation by email at least two weeks prior to the semester.
    Questions about the class allocation can be directed to the AMSIB coordination team via


  • Timetables are available per August 21 via or
  • Course information in Brightspace is available per August 28, for all students that have picked a class in Academy Attendance.
  • The semester starts on September 4.


  • Every day starts at .
  • You can log in with your AUAS-ID and password.
  • You will find quick access to the most important information here, such as your timetable, latest results, announcements and news.
  • MyAUAS is your portal to essential information, such as the A-Z list, your programme page, the library, contact info for your lecturers and direct links to other applications such as SIS and Brightspace.


  • For questions regarding the admissions proces, please contact our admissions team via
  • Questions about the class allocation can be directed to the AMSIB coordination team via

If you have any other questions, please contact the AUAS using one of the following channels:

Follow the AUAS on social media:

Published by  Communication 21 August 2023