Executive Board

The Executive Board is charged with day-to-day management and is responsible for running the university of applied sciences.

The members of the Executive Board are appointed, suspended and dismissed by the Supervisory Board of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Remuneration of the members of the Executive Board is set by the Supervisory Board. Its members hold full-time posts. Information concerning remuneration is available in the annual report (in Dutch).

Executive Board Members

J.E.A.M. (Jopie) Nooren

Chair of the Executive Board

J.E.A.M. (Jopie) Nooren was appointed Chair of the AUAS Executive Board effective 1 March 2021.

Jopie Nooren began her career as an academic staff member and university lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This was followed by positions at Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (an umbrella organisation for Dutch health insurers) and a director role at the Association for Disability Care Netherlands (VGN). She subsequently joined the board of directors of the Lunet Zorg healthcare institution in Eindhoven. Nooren served as chair of the board of directors at Bartiméus, a national expertise organisation for the visually impaired, from 2013 until 2021. From 2015 until 2021 she was a PvdA senator, holding the role of First Vice President of the Senate of the Netherlands from 2019 on.

Nooren studied Occupational Therapy at Heerlen University of Applied Sciences and Health Policy and Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).


Secretary Lisette Visser
Telephone 020 595 23 41
Email secretariaatvoorzittercvb@hva.nl


  • Communication and marketing/profiling
  • Administrative networks, such as the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH)
  • Amsterdam Economic Board
  • Teacher Training Programmes


  • Governance, Representative advisory bodies, participatory decision making and internal communication
  • Student engagement, including student partnerships
  • Internal communication
  • Local Consultation and Collective Labour Agreement
  • Audit and Institutional Research
  • Well-organised education programme (GGO)


  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Student health and well-being
  • Agile and resilient organisation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Complaints, objections and appeals

J.G.M.(Hanneke) Reuling

Vice-Chair of the Executive Board
Portfolio holder Operations

On 1 October 2017 J.G.M. (Hanneke) Reuling was appointed Vice-Chair of the AUAS Executive Board. On 1 September 2020 she was named Interim Chair of the board and served in this position until 1 March 2021 when Jopie Nooren joined the board as its new Chair.

Reuling began her career as a policymaker at the Unie KBO (The Association of Catholic Organisations of Senior Citizens in the Netherlands) in Den Bosch. She then became a lecturer and completed her doctorate at the Catholic Theological University in Utrecht in 2004, with her PhD thesis After Eden: Church Fathers and Rabbis on Gen. 3:16-21. In 2006 she was appointed to various leadership roles at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, including Director of Education and Research. In 2013 she became Director of Operations in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Vrij University Amsterdam (VU).

Reuling studied Theology at the Catholic Theological University of Amsterdam (cum laude).

Contact details

Secretary: Silke Möller
Telephone: (020) 595 23 42



  • Financial governance
  • Planning and control


  • Strategic information policy, digital AUAS
  • Campus real estate and accommodation
  • Safety and Security policy
  • Sustainability, including occupational health and safety, and environment

Service provision

  • Development of service provision and the BVO
  • Facility, ICT and administrative policy
  • Valorisation and project support, including Holding HvA

  • KANSfonds Advisory Committee Member, Hilversum
  • Augustijns Instituut Policy and Advisory Committee Member , Eindhoven/Utrecht
  • Foundation Thomas More Advisory Board Member, Den Bosch

G. R. (Geleyn) Meijer


G. R. (Geleyn) Meijer (1960) joined the AUAS Executive Board as Rector on 1 July 2018.

Meijer began his career by holding consultancy roles at software companies, such as Logica and CMG. From 2005 until 2009 he was senior lecturer-researcher at the Human Computer Studies Laboratory of the University of Amsterdam. In 2011 he became Dean of the AUAS Faculty Digital Media and Creative Industries, and prior to that he was a partner at Logica for a few years and director of strategy at Logica Management Consulting Netherlands. in his role as Dean he was closely involved in the development of the Centre of Expertise Amsterdam Creative Industries Netwerk, the Knowledge Mile, the Master Digital Design and the Digital Society School.

Meijer studied Physics at the UvA and obtained a doctorate there in 1991 in Robotics and Information, researching how you can teach robots to handle unexpected situations in production processes via artificial intelligence.

Contact details

Secretary Patricia Heukenfeldt Jansen
Telephone (020) 595 23 51
Email secretariaatrector@hva.nl


  • Education vision and portfolio policy, including Life-long Learning
  • Quality assurance Education & Research, including quality agreements
  • Curricula development, including personalised and flexible learning pathways
  • Digital transformation of Education & Research
  • Research strategy, including research group policy
  • Internationalisation, such as U!REKA
  • Open science


  • Aligning developments in professional practice with Education & Research
  • Rich learning environment, including alumni relations
  • Entrepreneurship, valorisation and outreach

Member of the Supervisory Board of Connecting Sustainable Cities (VerDuS) - National Governance Body SIA (Taskforce for Applied Research)

  • 2018 - Chairman of the Foundation Cello Octet, Amsterdam
  • 2015 - Supervisory Board Member of Waag Society, Amsterdam
  • 2010 - Board Member of COMMIT www.commit-nl.nl

Portfolio overlap

The focus areas of the members are divided into portfolios that occassionally overlap. The overall division creates clarity and balance in the portfolios in terms of content. However, certain strategic and important developments, such as digitalisation, valorisation and privacy are steered collectively, in close collaboration with the deans sitting on the CBO (Central Executive Council).

M.N. (Maaike) Lürsen


Lürsen has been the secretary of the university of applied sciences since September 2016. The secretary heads the Executive Staff and is responsible for the management and running of the Executive Board’s and the deans’ policy agendas, as well as the coordination and organisation of the integrated planning and control cycle.

As Chief Security Officer (CSO), she is also responsible for integrated security and the formulation of the strategic policy in relation to integrated security for the university of applied sciences.

Contact details

Secretary: Azaria Boots
Telephone: +316 421 00 338
E-mail: secretariaat-secretaris@hva.nl

General contact details for the Executive Board

Post address
Postbus 1025
1000 BA Amsterdam

Visitors address
Wibautstraat 3B
1091 GH Amsterdam

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