Vacancies at AUAS

With over 4000 employees, the AUAS is one of the largest employers in Amsterdam. More than half of our people are employed as lecturers, but we also employ researchers, managers and support staff. Everyone employed at AUAS contributes to facilitating the best education possible.

As our organisation becomes more internationally orientated, programmes and teaching positions are increasingly available in English.


So what's it really like to work as a lecturer? Visit one of our open days or view our employee testimonials (currently in Dutch). You'll hear first-hand from some of the enthusiastic lecturers that inspire our students on a daily basis.

Don't have a teaching qualification? You can still apply without this, as long as you obtain it later on. AUAS will provide you with the necessary training.


We couldn't provide education without our support staff. After all, who else would inform and register over 46,000 students? Who else would help us build a smoothly-functioning ICT network and ensure that all the equipment in our classrooms and various locations works properly? Policy officers and managers formulate feasible institution-wide goals and make sure that they are achieved.


What kinds of complex issues can we expect to encounter in major cities? Amsterdam is a society in itself that is constantly changing and seeking sustainable investments. Researchers help to assess the various options.

Published by  HR 3 January 2024