Digitalisation has established deep roots in our society and technology, with unprecedented new opportunities being offered in practically all areas. The possibilities offered by innovations like artificial intelligence, big data, virtual/augmented reality, the internet of things and 5G are enormous and in the years to come, the number of possibilities will continue to skyrocket. One consequence of this is that digitalisation will transform professional practice in all sectors for which the AUAS trains its students. And of course, digitalisation will also transform higher education itself, including organisational operations and HR policy. Data also plays a substantial role in our learning and working processes. We make responsible use of this data, with a solid focus on security, privacy, management, transparency and ethics.

Cutting-edge and ethical

We are helping to shape the transition to a digital society and contributing to responsible and user-oriented development of technology. Our graduates enter the professional field armed with the latest knowledge and skills in the area of digitalisation. Via open education, open science and our open digital ecosystem, we are contributing to the development of knowledge in the professional field and society.

We also incorporate the latest digital developments into our curricula: every student graduating from AUAS is digitally skilled and fully prepared for the digital transformation taking place in the professional field for which they have been trained.

The knowledge and skills that they gain also incorporate ethics and integrity in relation to digitalisation, as these issues are permanently addressed and discussed at AUAS. We make use of digital resources in order to improve our relationship with students, staff and partners and enable them to remain part of our knowledge network for their entire lives in a variety of roles.

Published by  Communication 26 April 2023